Sunday, October 25, 2009


In an effort to keep the blogspot going on, happenin', in & hip, I'm digging deep to find some little treats to post. These are from a series of mono prints called Under the Sea which I did as an exercise/exorcize to help me get over my intense fear of the ocean or more specifically the animals that live in the ocean. I tried to go for the sexy/beautiful aspect which is definitely a big piece of life under water but the peculiar and bizarro aspect always grabs my by the bottom of my feet and completely schkeeves me out when faced with any real life prolonged oceanic experience... I really liked the prints though and I do love the beach...
(Mac, your sting ray experience nearly destroyed me! I was deeply concerned about the whole thing but figured it was best not to throw my fears into the mix:)) I'm so glad you survived!!!!


  1. did you make these? you are so, so talented. You can make ANYTHING!

  2. "schkeeves"! hahahhaa!
    yes, I can see the sexy for sure but also the completely scary in these awesome drawings.

    and mac still is not too fond of the ocean though she forces herself.
    she wishes the water were truly see-through, like glass...but I don't know if that would be better!

  3. NOT better! I tried the snorkeling thing so I could see what was going on and even though the fish were no bigger than my thumbnail in some cases, there were millions of them squirming towards me all at once. Not to mention all the other bizaro things that happen under the water...
    Definitely NOT better!!!!:)

  4. THese are beautiful, Caline! I share that fear of creepy unseen things beneath the surface. I too tried making art about it. It was fun, but I still don't want to swim with the creepies. I tried snorkeling in Hawaii. I actually enjoyed it, but that's mainly because it was glassy clear water & there was a barrier reef. I heart barrier reefs. You are so talented.