Friday, October 30, 2009


Love Is Never Dormant Sweet Eternal You!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

one day closer to spring

It's happening again already. Hmmmph! Burrrrr! GGGGGGaaaaaackh.........One day closer to spring!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


In an effort to keep the blogspot going on, happenin', in & hip, I'm digging deep to find some little treats to post. These are from a series of mono prints called Under the Sea which I did as an exercise/exorcize to help me get over my intense fear of the ocean or more specifically the animals that live in the ocean. I tried to go for the sexy/beautiful aspect which is definitely a big piece of life under water but the peculiar and bizarro aspect always grabs my by the bottom of my feet and completely schkeeves me out when faced with any real life prolonged oceanic experience... I really liked the prints though and I do love the beach...
(Mac, your sting ray experience nearly destroyed me! I was deeply concerned about the whole thing but figured it was best not to throw my fears into the mix:)) I'm so glad you survived!!!!


Today I received two things
two things beautiful that make me smile just to think of them and make me so happy to have them on my body/in my home.
The first is a pendant that was made by a jeweler who's work I am always in awe of. The top is a shard found here in New Mexico at a ruin that until a few years ago was mostly unknown. The bottom is a shard from an ancient roman drain pipe found at Pompeii. Two small things picked up from the dust and now preserved with reverence. It feels like forever in both directions around my neck!
The second is a painting that was given to me by a dear friend. He is someone who's work is always unusual, even when he's painting perfectly captured landscapes... I sometimes model for him and we usually trade for artwork. This time, when he offered me One Windy Day (otherwise known to me as The Long Neck Girl) instead of a long lost commission I could not have been happier! I absolutely love it so much!!!
Jono has been wearing a pendant that another jeweler friend made and accidently left up at the studio. When Jono told him he'd left it there (Jerry) told him to wear it because it would attract prosperity and abundance. The afternoon Jono put it on he received a tax return check, we were taken out to dinner and the next day we were taken out to the movies. Today, day three, I had this incredible day of bounty...
Prosperity and abundance, We'll take it!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

& then a couple others

born from flowers

could it be that we
were born from flowers
initially at least

back then when
storms were earthly showers
for roots and leaves

a drop into a puddle
into streams and lakes
a flower bending down to have a taste
the first lips, the first tongue
the first sip, the first face

then wanting more
the first arms
to bathe the first cheeks
the first breath
the first trembling of knees...

could it be that we
uncurled our leaves
initially at least
that we smiled from
the center of our petals
that we got our wings
by drinking from the sea

Sunday, October 11, 2009

doughnut cake party

I'm going to a "doughnut cake" party (operative syllable; nut! A first for me.
Anyhow I tried to go for full on penetration but couldn't figure out how to support the upper body in a fully edible manner so settled for this instead. Kind of busy and hard to read visually (particularly in a photo). Maybe should have gone for a chocolate doughnut bed for better contrast. But you get the idea...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sharon's birthday

The other night we went to a REALLY FUN party with delicious food, nice, happy people and almost spontaneous music (only not spontaneous because people brought instruments just in case...). This is how I fantasize my home being. Lots of creative people stopping by, always a big enough pot of food on the stove, community, music, enjoyment!
That's Sharon, sitting on her bass & tuning her mandolin. I love that image!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

one out of four...


i want to make something really beautiful with these and send it to you to say thank you but in the meantime it is not because i don't think these are incredible that you haven't yet heard me say it. thinking about them fills my head at night while i think of embroidered gypsy pouches with one button on each draw string... one day i'll show you what i mean. and you really didn't have to cough up the 5 dollas!!!
ps- the pic of Finley is the best. i hadn't noticed before how the two people in the background are perfectly framed inside the diamonds of the fence. and of course, the face the smile the cookie love is simply divine! & the google eyes too...

Monday, October 5, 2009

some little leafy branchy bundles
all ready for the wood stove
the winter cold
the kindling
all ready for the good heat
with a sweet treat
by the fire...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

trees are mostly made of air
sometimes water sometimes wood
of nests birds and flowering fruits
until the winter when they're bare

birds are mostly made of light
sometimes feather sometimes song
a morning tune a hollow bone
against the sky when they're in flight

the sky is mostly made of breath
sometimes blue sometimes gold
of inhales, exhales, lover's swoon
the rumbling thunder warmth of death

death is mostly made of dreams
sometimes nightmare sometimes sweet
from which we wake toward where we lean
collected memory falling leaves

leaves that fall are made of time
sometimes dull sometimes divine
seasons round the sea of seconds
life's most cruel and simple crime

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Daily practice...

I finally did it. I asked for a gallery show and I got it... MAY.
Every day I make a 2x2 drawing . Some come out good, some come out.... really RED!
By March or April I'll select ten of these little drawings to enlarge and add collage/other embellishments to. For now this is my daily practice. Inspired or not I make a 2x2 and I've found it to be very interesting. I figure that in 6 months I should be able to come up with 10 images that I like enough to work more on but I think the real project will be the 6 month diary of images. At least for me anyway! & they're really fun to do...