Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I received two things
two things beautiful that make me smile just to think of them and make me so happy to have them on my body/in my home.
The first is a pendant that was made by a jeweler who's work I am always in awe of. The top is a shard found here in New Mexico at a ruin that until a few years ago was mostly unknown. The bottom is a shard from an ancient roman drain pipe found at Pompeii. Two small things picked up from the dust and now preserved with reverence. It feels like forever in both directions around my neck!
The second is a painting that was given to me by a dear friend. He is someone who's work is always unusual, even when he's painting perfectly captured landscapes... I sometimes model for him and we usually trade for artwork. This time, when he offered me One Windy Day (otherwise known to me as The Long Neck Girl) instead of a long lost commission I could not have been happier! I absolutely love it so much!!!
Jono has been wearing a pendant that another jeweler friend made and accidently left up at the studio. When Jono told him he'd left it there (Jerry) told him to wear it because it would attract prosperity and abundance. The afternoon Jono put it on he received a tax return check, we were taken out to dinner and the next day we were taken out to the movies. Today, day three, I had this incredible day of bounty...
Prosperity and abundance, We'll take it!!!!!


  1. amazing painting. love the clouds!

  2. you sure get some good stuff in the mail - pass my address on to those people! both of those things are incredible. "forever in both directions around your neck"... nice idea.