Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

36 weeks and ready!

We're all set! Natanya's room is ready for her. We've finished our birthing classes (birthing from within; HIGHLY RECOMMENDED).
I've got all the supplies for a home birth waiting to be put to use. Natanya grows and grows by the second and at almost 40 pounds heavier than I've ever been with an expected 10 to go during the last month I'd say my legs and hips are ready for the event. Jono and I are sorting out all the upcoming changes beautifully I think and now it's just a matter of weeks and days and minutes
and seconds...
I'm officially finished with work for the time being. A strange feeling as I've never not worked in my life. I've found that emotionally, the things that both Jono and I are giving up and taking on in preparation for the immediate and indefinite future are surprisingly easy and surprisingly difficult too.
But mostly there is joy. Intense, unwavering, amazing joy.

I'm going to be making things and posting more and more on etsy and I'm hoping to have time to work on a children's line of clothing, blankets, burp cloths, mobiles etc. to sell in a local baby store here in Santa Fe. My dream is make enough dough with my artwork that I'll be able to stay home with Natanya for as long as possible...

Jono is on the road this week. A mini tour in Arizona and hopefully a last hurrah/inward journey while still pre-baby independent. I too am hoping for some inward reflection and some outward FUN this week. If I can stay up past 8:00 I might even indulge in some grown up style socializing!!!

As I watch the progress of friends with children it becomes clear that each stage of parenting happens so quickly. The kids grow up so fast. I'm trying to focus on being present and focused on the NOW of it all (including every moment of pregnancy) because even these last 36 weeks seem to have evaporated. I can hardly believe that another round of birthdays have gone by and that there are graduations happening and milestones being stepped right over by legs that are no longer dimpled at the knees... jeeez louise!!!

And for now, we're over here, 36 weeks and ready. For everything.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a little happy thought while i should be working...

at home in the wild
of new day air
a breaking wave still
on the straight line of horizon

out there in the midst
where heaven touches
the soft place below your palm
where the heart beats
and the stars fall

i see something coming
the shape of wings
while i shed one skin
and climb into another
preparing for a dance
who's tempo, who's lyric
has not yet been played

we are all here
we three around a fire
the logs sing and burn
our feet on the earth
and our hearts like kites
round with the breath of life
soaring high

at home in the wild
of new day's light
a bursting forth, a birth
gathering form
against the soft line of horizon

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kerry's photos

I hope this works. if not I'll try again...