Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a little happy thought while i should be working...

at home in the wild
of new day air
a breaking wave still
on the straight line of horizon

out there in the midst
where heaven touches
the soft place below your palm
where the heart beats
and the stars fall

i see something coming
the shape of wings
while i shed one skin
and climb into another
preparing for a dance
who's tempo, who's lyric
has not yet been played

we are all here
we three around a fire
the logs sing and burn
our feet on the earth
and our hearts like kites
round with the breath of life
soaring high

at home in the wild
of new day's light
a bursting forth, a birth
gathering form
against the soft line of horizon

1 comment:

  1. every time I read your poetry during your pregnancy I can feel the way I have felt carrying my babies and it makes me so happy.

    I don't suppose I need to tell you that it only gets better.