Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here ya go Cami...

5 1/2 months. A little more. This pic does my thighs and bottom a ton of justice! It's ALL getting bigger. And better! soon I'll post more project pictures (including Annie's wrapping fabric burp cloths).
So far Natanya responds to music and moves a lot when we play rock and roll. A natural response to sound but I can't help but imagine that it's in the genes! On both sides!
The house is back in order and nesting is extremely happening .
I got my drawings back from the framer and they look really good all fancied up. The show will open on May 7th and I'm so glad I was so well prepared. I didn't choose 10 images as originally planned but went ahead and got everything framed, including the images I blew up and embellished. 42 in total!
Lots of good, exciting stuff going on and and lots of wonderful support from wonderful friends...
And of course, despite the continued snow fall, SPRING is in the air.

Friday, March 19, 2010

my daughter

-my daughter-

The soft beauty of a child
gathers about you
as you take her in your

Knowing the fragility of her blood
the remorseless march of her
you hold her tight, rocking to
your own inward winds of fear.

You two are one tower, one great
leaning together of stones resisting
time as best the two of you can-
A man is immortal, fearless when

He holds his daughter is
against the edge of the horizon,
Black shapes on grey, when he holds
tightly in his arms he is very

*this was my christmas gift from my father in 1980. i was eight years old.

Monday, March 8, 2010


It's been awhile. We started on our roof project (replacing the entire thing) and have wound up with a 1700 square foot skylight covered with plastic and an impending week of snow/rain.
When the roofers got the roof off, they discovered that the only insulation was (literally) 9.5 tons of dirt and some some pumice with various pieces of cardboard and metal trash strewn in. Three men took off all that dirt one bucket at a time as they couldn't get a vehicle close enough to the house to unload into. As bizarre as it sounds, dirt and straw used to be typical insulation for these flat roofed houses ABOUT A MILLION YEARS AGO!!!! Anyway, the tarps we attached to the ceiling inside were not sufficient for the job and the entire house is a giant dust/dirt storm... And I have a head cold/fever bug.
But fortunately we have Jono's studio which is all set up with kitchen, bedrooms and everything we need to be cozy. It's actually been really nice to be up here because Jono is working on the extremely time consuming process of mixing a record with a deadline at the end of the week. We've been able to sneak in little visits and eat meals together which definitely wouldn't have happened if I was staying in town. AND last night was the first time we could see/feel Natanya moving from the outside! It was so exciting and it was great because we were lying in bed together and so Jono got to be there too. Major magic! She then proceeded to roll around and kick about all night long...
So, all is well as long as I can keep the great things in perspective while I imagine our house rotting away under rain & snow through the haze of a gooey head and logy chills...