Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here ya go Cami...

5 1/2 months. A little more. This pic does my thighs and bottom a ton of justice! It's ALL getting bigger. And better! soon I'll post more project pictures (including Annie's wrapping fabric burp cloths).
So far Natanya responds to music and moves a lot when we play rock and roll. A natural response to sound but I can't help but imagine that it's in the genes! On both sides!
The house is back in order and nesting is extremely happening .
I got my drawings back from the framer and they look really good all fancied up. The show will open on May 7th and I'm so glad I was so well prepared. I didn't choose 10 images as originally planned but went ahead and got everything framed, including the images I blew up and embellished. 42 in total!
Lots of good, exciting stuff going on and and lots of wonderful support from wonderful friends...
And of course, despite the continued snow fall, SPRING is in the air.


  1. this is awesomeness!
    I can't wait to see all that work!
    and your belly is divine!

  2. You look so so So amazing. I love these pictures in the the oval mirror. Annie had one that I loved her pregnant belly in too. I too can't wait to seeeeee (the work AND the bubba:)

  3. What drawings? What show? Email us an announcement even though we can't come. (I remember seeing some drawings a few blogs back - are those the ones?)

    As for the thigh and butt problem, it's all proportional until you're no longer pregnant but then you don't even notice until the baby is about one and by that time the problem has mostly gone away.

    –Aunt Mary

  4. Bigger is better!