Thursday, April 15, 2010

some favorite pics

The last two weeks were busy wit house guests. First, my parents came and we had a really great visit. They arrived just in time for the beginning of spring weather and we ate and shopped and did a bunch of springtime yard work... The day they left, my friend Kerry arrived. She's moving to Santa Fe and came for a whirlwind week of apartment hunting (she found a great one!) before going back to CT to pack and drive back out ... Again, a very pleasant visit with lots of eating and warm sunshine.
Another positive byproduct of having a full house was that we got some great family pictures! The oval mirror shots of me and my iphone were missing out on the bigger picture!
My father gave Annette a new camera for Christmas which she was eager to try out (especially from the grandma standpoint!!!) and Kerry, though she had to use my layman's camera takes really great photo's every time.
So here are a few of my favorites...


  1. Beautiful pics of a very pretty mama and her family !

  2. The shadow pic is my fav

  3. The shadow pic is my favorite pregnancy pic so far but I also love the joy and the tenderness from Jono in the family ones. It's amazing how entirely this little girl has already changed him!

  4. caline! I have been out of the loop for a while and was happy to re enter the computer world to see these
    pretty nurturing loving pictures of you guys.
    I am looking forward to more...and also pictures from your show!!
    I so wish I could go to that!

  5. These are beautiful... Thanks for sharing - keep 'em coming! Jono looks so cute:)
    I too wish I was going to that show! Just got our postcard yesterday. Such an exciting time out there!