Tuesday, August 13, 2013


It's been so long since I've posted a blog that I'm having to remember how to navigate this thing.
But here I am, wanting to remember. Wanting to connect again with my little family here.
The night is cool, crickets singing while the garden grows and though I haven't got many songs to sing myself, my heart is full with the love I always carry and long to share.
I'm a different person now. Beginning to peek out from the immersion of motherhood and calling on my angels for guidance toward where ever it is that I might land. I was given a metaphor recently; A fish in a bird's nest. The call for a leap into the water from this place in the sky I've always flown. A push to free fall into the unknown without fear...
I've never taken a breath without my lungs before. At least not of my own choosing!
And so I ask all you fliers and swimmers in my life to care for me as I transform.