Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby Shower!

*What wonderful friends I have! Kerry made and sent out 30 invitations while in the midst of moving from CT to SANTA FE! She and Larkin planned and put together a very beautiful and fairly non-traditional baby shower and about 25 of the 30 people were able to come...

*Two of those people were Ali and her son Charlie who came as a surprise at 11:30 the night before the shower from NYC AND Ali had dozens of H&H bagels shipped out here! (very funny story!)

* Kerry and Larkin made home made truffles to give people as party favors and people brought fruit salads, champagne for mimosas (sigh), there were lox and deviled eggs and cookies and other varieties of deliciousness...

*Larkin initiated a sort of blessing/wish ceremony where everyone had brought a special bead which they tied around a lavender sachet saying a wish for me as they filled the sachet and a wish for Natanya as the tied it closed with the strung bead. After the shower, I strung them all together and will hang them from the bedposts when I'm giving birth.

*Natanya received many beautiful, thoughtful gifts, all of which were things that I love! I was thinking that it's going to be a little tough for me when she's old enough to open her own presents!!!
Not only did we get practical things which we will surely need but Natanya got a few personalized art pieces for the beginnings of her art collection!

*The day was perfect. The first flowers opened up in the yard the day before. The sky was blue and everyone was happy... Not having ever had a baby shower before I didn't know what to expect but it was totally completely wonderful...

*Thank you everybody who was here for the love and gifts and kind words and wishes. And also thank you everyone who was not here who have been sending love and gifts and kind words and wishes all along!

Friday, May 28, 2010

a field of daisies

all little wings
on the glass
a whisper inside me
says "welcome"
to all the world

she is the most
verdant garden
the ripest fruits
of summer's basket

she is the bird
who can carry
all your songs

she roams while I sleep
from the milky way
and back
to the path of home

all pockets full of wind
come pour yourself
within these walls
a knock at my door
is your invitation
no keys, no locks
the curtains moving.

she is the turtle
inside the hand of my heart
growing like a flower
a field of daisies
a universe of stars

she is time
all you remember
all you have forgotten

a motion
like the sea
not bound by any moon
her own tides
her own deep magic
sands of seashells
an ancient rhythm
an invitation
the color of rain

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day!

As I lay in bed this morning, waking up slowly, having dreamy thoughts about how it will be years before I will be able to laze in bed late having dreamy thoughts
As I listened to the sounds of Jono leaving and coming back with groceries for a spectacular french toast breakfast with fresh mango and strawberries
As I watched the sun fill up the bedroom and contemplated my life as it has been, as it is and as it will be
I realized in a flood of joy that what I have is all I've ever wanted.
I am truly happy. From the heart and the soul and from the mysterious poetry of my DNA which has sung and spun and whispered and hollered it's desires from the beginning...

When I came downstairs and saw the flowers, found the 70 degree air, was kissed and loved from the inside and the outside all at once
When I got my very first ever mother's day greetings from the world
When I looked at the computer and found mother's day stories, experiences and wishes from other mother's who I love so much
I realized in a flood of pleasure that my fortune is great to be where I am, when I am, surrounded by the very best of people, the very best of wonderful mamas & the very best of loving friends and family.

I wish the best for all of us. The sons and the daughters who become the mamas and the papas...
And I'm grateful for the help and the reminders that the ups and downs are a part of it all. (wink, wink Cami!)


The evening was a great success! The gallery was packed, the walls look great and the weather was perfect for courtyard music and noshing... I didn't sell anything but the prices are way high because 50% goes to the gallery. Two people (one of whom I had never met before) were moved to tears which was a home run as far as I'm concerned!
I was really nervous to the point of near hyperventilation and stomach trauma before going to the gallery but once it was all happening I was fine. I had forgotten what stage fright does to me!
Someone, I'd love to know who, was thoughtful enough not only to send flowers but to send them from Natanya. Very sweet! Thank you anonymous!!
I found a great children's store in town that sells only organic and mostly local. Once the show is over I'm going to see if they'd like to carry some of my artwork and maybe even some blanket/burp cloth/clothing items if I can accumulate enough to make a go of it...
All very inspiring and reaffirming. My studio calls....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

full moon in scorpio...

waking moon

you wield your light like fierce weaponry

burning down the wall

interrogating me with questions

i cannot answer

crazy making moon

i'm with you, as if in shackles

bound by tired mind

a rambling din of voices

like strings on a puppet

tethered to your swollen glow

Help me to spill

to open up into the sea of sleeping

where on other nights

you calmly watch

your soft eyes

collecting dreams

let go and move the oceans

there is time

beneath your craggy surface

take a breath

and let us rest

before the sun comes

waking moon

your perfect circle is a tunnel


crazy making moon

show me your other hand

the one who's fingers soothe

who's palm

against my eyelids

quiets the dawn