Friday, May 28, 2010

a field of daisies

all little wings
on the glass
a whisper inside me
says "welcome"
to all the world

she is the most
verdant garden
the ripest fruits
of summer's basket

she is the bird
who can carry
all your songs

she roams while I sleep
from the milky way
and back
to the path of home

all pockets full of wind
come pour yourself
within these walls
a knock at my door
is your invitation
no keys, no locks
the curtains moving.

she is the turtle
inside the hand of my heart
growing like a flower
a field of daisies
a universe of stars

she is time
all you remember
all you have forgotten

a motion
like the sea
not bound by any moon
her own tides
her own deep magic
sands of seashells
an ancient rhythm
an invitation
the color of rain


  1. Caline this is the most beuatiful picture of you I have ever seen! please send it to me via e-mail so I can frame

  2. Breathtaking.

    she roams while I sleep
    from the milky way
    and back
    to the path of home

    another one for the blanket... I promise to show you soon.

    I am SO glad you guys are coming to NYC in the fall. I WILL be bringing my big camera to meet her!

  3. Your mama is right, you are beautiful inside, out. When I feel sad or down, I go to FB to look at you and suddenly all is sunny around.♥♥

  4. all I can say is YES to every metaphor and emotion.
    the photograph captures YOU and that belly and that moment!
    so YES!

    love to you