Saturday, May 1, 2010

full moon in scorpio...

waking moon

you wield your light like fierce weaponry

burning down the wall

interrogating me with questions

i cannot answer

crazy making moon

i'm with you, as if in shackles

bound by tired mind

a rambling din of voices

like strings on a puppet

tethered to your swollen glow

Help me to spill

to open up into the sea of sleeping

where on other nights

you calmly watch

your soft eyes

collecting dreams

let go and move the oceans

there is time

beneath your craggy surface

take a breath

and let us rest

before the sun comes

waking moon

your perfect circle is a tunnel


crazy making moon

show me your other hand

the one who's fingers soothe

who's palm

against my eyelids

quiets the dawn


  1. i saw that moon last night!

  2. I might put that last verse on Finley's baby blanket... We saw that crazy making moon last week - I kept turning around and finding it and being like "whooo! there you are, no wonder I feel crazy!"