Sunday, October 4, 2009

trees are mostly made of air
sometimes water sometimes wood
of nests birds and flowering fruits
until the winter when they're bare

birds are mostly made of light
sometimes feather sometimes song
a morning tune a hollow bone
against the sky when they're in flight

the sky is mostly made of breath
sometimes blue sometimes gold
of inhales, exhales, lover's swoon
the rumbling thunder warmth of death

death is mostly made of dreams
sometimes nightmare sometimes sweet
from which we wake toward where we lean
collected memory falling leaves

leaves that fall are made of time
sometimes dull sometimes divine
seasons round the sea of seconds
life's most cruel and simple crime


  1. thank you for this poem just for me.
    (I know it wasn't written just for me but isn't that what makes a perfect seems it's all mine!)

    I remember hearing Paul Simon's"Only Living Boy in NY" and thinking it was written just for me even though I lived in Berkeley California and was a girl!

    Your poems are often like that.

  2. Well, it is just for you
    because it's yours
    because you like it.
    It's been autumn windy here and two large branches fell from the tree in my back yard. I spent a day with a little hand saw cutting them up. I was amazed at how little the piles were when they were all cut down and when I told Jono he said that trees are mostly air which got me thinking....

  3. This poem is beautiful because I understand it... many many pictures could go with it - what a beautiful book it would make

  4. yes viva, a book or a song!

    ps I got your package Caline and spent much of last night thinking about it, dreaming about it.
    who knows what will evolve.
    such an inspiring start, I worry whatever I do will detract...
    but I like an artistic challenge.
    here's to collaboration.

  5. nothing you would do could possibly detract!