Wednesday, October 7, 2009

one out of four...


  1. They are getting better and better girl .... not a bad one in the bunch and more and more elaborate and striking...

  2. ps that first one is rather awsome

  3. I wish you could pick some to enlarge and work on but ALSO have a very large piece with every single one of these in it. like an enormous quilt of the heart.
    it would be priceless and I would put a print of it over our bed.(because I could never afford what the original should cost!)
    just so full of love.

    ps I received our collaborative project in the mail (wow!) and I am stunned...I am not sure how it will evolve but I am going mixed may morph somehow into a hanging piece....
    thank you for the opportunity to spring board off your buoyant creativity!

  4. caline - these are stunning. I am blown away. did someone mention something about a show?