Sunday, October 11, 2009

doughnut cake party

I'm going to a "doughnut cake" party (operative syllable; nut! A first for me.
Anyhow I tried to go for full on penetration but couldn't figure out how to support the upper body in a fully edible manner so settled for this instead. Kind of busy and hard to read visually (particularly in a photo). Maybe should have gone for a chocolate doughnut bed for better contrast. But you get the idea...


  1. wow - whatever do you folks get up to out there in the desert? i want full documentation post party. that's amazing - are those twinkies?! your talents truly know no bounds...

  2. i am so happy i can post wooooohooooo - mysterious mystery still mysterious though solved!

  3. I'm so happy too!
    No twinkies. All doughnuts (except the hair and the condoms). It's called; dunkin' doughnuts!
    And this is what we do on WEEKDAYS! On weekends we sit under the portal and drink margaritas and smoke cigarettes while silver and turquoise drip from our bodies while the sun goes down all magic sunset colors in the western sky!!!
    At least that's what we'll do when you finally make it out here...