Sunday, February 1, 2009

interesting science

my friend sally has a special program for taking a photo of a person, cutting it in half and sewing like sides together (left with left and right with right).
it is a personality illustration of sorts and supposedly, some faces change dramaticaly under the switcheroo. 
mine look kind of funny but thankfully I don't seem to be too lopsided
which i think bodes well for my personality as a whole...
apparently, there are people who can look at a face and read a whole lifetime. what side we sleep on, what we worry about, where we are generous... 
interesting science.


  1. oh my god. the two sides of my face are completely different. one side is my nice sweet mothery side and the other is very harsh. when I am a passenger in the car (like whenever I drive around with Matt...) he has to sit next to the evil me. I am always trying to convince him that's why I should drive.

    anyway, I would love to do this...
    and you, are very symmetrical and balanced. very cool.

  2. That's too funny. Do think anyone else really notices the difference? Does Matt? It is pretty incredible how lopsided we are from top to bottom.
    If you ever make it out here, we'll call Sally and have her take a picture of you and do with it whatever she does to get the readout...