Friday, February 13, 2009

paper goods

... just decorations. Cheery, pretty, good use of empty chocolate paper cups (whatever they're called (miniature muffin wrappers?!) I know they have a name!)) and paper scraps.
Also an acceptable reason I think to have to have (and eat) lots of chocolates so the paper cup things will be liberated for art! 
I saw some similar items in a shop and thought they were really lovely. I like to support fellow artists especially when they inspire me and so I thought maybe I'd get one as a special treat. But, when I found out they were $120 I thought, I can make one of those myself, for free.
So I came home and made a few. They're very different from the ones I saw but I did borrow the idea. I figure that since I can't afford to show my enthusiasm by purchasing the artwork I might as well go for the highest form of compliment; stealing the idea!!!


  1. these are so beautiful. it's amazing how you can turn things already interesting into things so amazing! we received your card with your anthem in it, the poem.
    such perfect words! thankyou for sharing it. i will read it to the kids and Matt too before Valentines day is over.

    and the heart shaped stones...gets me everytime. again, thankyou!!

  2. These are really so cool! I love the colors, the belts even, just everything! Those little papers always seem like such a waste to me too when you throw them away, isn't that funny? Very nice though!