Monday, February 9, 2009

yes ,no, yum, yuck

So here's a little theory small enough to carry in your pocket.
I believe that every single thing in life can be categorized by ; Yes, No, Yuck, Yum and combinations thereof. Yes and No represent the intellectual response to everything in life whereas Yuck and Yum represent the emotional response.
eg. cleaning the toilet: Yes Yuck (It's something that must be done from time to time but I don't enjoy it one bit)
eg. seconds on dessert: No Yum (Not good for me, I know it but mmmm, just a little bit more of the crust on the side there next to that juicy blueberry)
Both of these combinations describe being at odds with yourself on some level.

eg. inspiration: Yes Yum ( I've got a great idea, all the materials I need and a day off from work)
eg. george bush: No Yuck (I don't agree with this man, I don't like this man & I'm not going to vote for him)
Both of these combinations describe harmony with thoughts and feelings.
So, as you go through a day of making decisions and having choices and as you seek to be in perfect harmony at all times, there are only four words to remember. 

Yes, No, Yum,Yuck

The more Yes Yum and No Yuck there is, the happier I believe you'll be.
Especially the Yes Yum part!



  1. you have forever changed my thinking.
    this method seems spot on.
    this post, yes, yum.