Friday, February 27, 2009

Healing ancient wounds


Photos: great, great grandmother Lucille Street Fulton, great grandmother Dorothy Fulton Alling, grandmother Doric Alling Welles (at the bottom of the steps) and her sister Judy, aunt Deirdre Welles McCarthy, me and my mom Viva (Esther) Zarmati Welles

I was reading Rob Brezny's Free Will Astrology for this week and the gemini horoscope (not my sign) struck me.
He wrote about "his friend Riley" who was the first member of her family to attend college. In her senior year she had nightmares that her relatives didn't want her to finish school and that they were trying in various ways to stop her. She persevered and finally, a week after graduation, she dreamed that her ancestors "came to her in the form of a great choir singing songs in praise of her success". Her therapist "speculated that the dream meant she had not only overcome the inertia of her heritage, but had also healed an ancient wound in her family".
It's no mystery that we all carry ancestral patterns which I believe are imprinted both by nature and by nurture. I love the idea though that we can, through our thoughts and actions, not only break the patterns but also, by doing so, "heal ancient wounds".
So that by being present in the present we can heal the past and alter the course of the future...


  1. the first time I met your mom, at the Beacon Hotel, was minutes after you showed me a picture of her of right after giving birth to you. wow. then I heard VIVA and I thought...what an incredible name...

    I love all these pictures.

  2. I truly agree with your idea of "healing ancestral wounds" I still smile when I see that picture - You were, and still are a most beautiful girl.