Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh sweet spring such beautiful, surprising green!


I spent the morning raking up dead winter leaves
where underneath was little green
and promises
of pink, yellow, purple, red...

I actually got hot enough to take my sweater off . 
*click on pics to spot the drama!
-the dream of finding your way through the maze of a dungeon back in to the sunlight...

**eating outside/planting a garden/walking again/ feeling social-being social/bbqs/fruit on the trees/water from the hose making rainbows in the sun/ wearing skirts and summer dresses/light into the evening/flowers, flowers & more flowers/ open doors and open windows...
-the dream of unfolding an endless slip of curry-colored raw silk against a blue sky.

I filled 5 0r 6 bags with gray and brown and damp and dead and uncovered little gardens. Early flowers just beginning ...

        * There are some of you I missed so much this morning because the joy I felt made me        remember!
-the dream of counting seeds and carrying pouches of fragrant herbs across the desert?
-the dream of knowing you'll be born long before the sperm meets the egg.
-the dream of song. and dance!


  1. New life! Rebirth!
    mama, nature mama.

  2. Lucky lucky you... it's still below freezing here

  3. Sometimes I miss the seasons here. On the mountain Im freezing or sweating no in between. Down in town its already 80! Happy Spring to you. Rebirth is cool. Shed your snakeskin, tadpole grows legs, chrysalis etc.

  4. Despite the cool weather here, I felt warm and cosy reading you. And I could smell the scents of lovely spring...

  5. You're speaking my language now!!! Every year I am on the edge of my seat for Spring, but I think this year I fell out of that chair about a month ago!

  6. Inspiring! 12" of snow fell last night, hiding a Saturdays worth of pre-spring gardening. I was led to your Blog from the Hammonasset School website. I remember you very well and how you facinated me in both classes and a little backpacking. Michael Young