Friday, January 30, 2009


                                                                               The first "frozen heart" came to me today via email from my friend Kerry (she took the pic.). The Broken heart I really saw, just like that, nearly buried way in the hills of Scotland & the third is a photo Jono took in Rio En Medio on a walk one day.  I love the shape of the heart. A circle that's willing to compromise. 


  1. AWESOME!!! I'll have to take some pictures of mine. LOVE the frozen hearts, just amazing!!!!!!! Thanks for the post!!!

  2. you may already know this but Emmett has collected heart shaped stones for me since he was 2. he is a softy and I love it.

    he recently barfed in the car all over one of these stone collections he had tucked away in a side compartment (yes, barfed) and when we cleaned it out we just threw everything in the vicinity away, gagging...when he found out about the heart shaped stones he was devastated. he came very close to digging around in the garbage for it.

    yes, hearts are powerful.