Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I got mail!

     This incredible book was found in an attic.
The attic was left with treasure for more years than anyone knows. My friend went up and found it all... 
Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a woman who collected and pasted all the lovelies from (mostly) advertising into a special album. Something happened one day and she decided to store it among the other bunches up in the attic. Maybe with other dreams. Maybe with secrets. Maybe with junk that had no other place to be...
Eventually, along with all the other stuff it was left, perhaps forgotten as things in attics tend to become and was quite likely not remembered until a couple of years ago when the house was being cleaned out for possible rental...
Sometimes things that are beautiful initially become even more beautiful with time! This is a perfect example. All those pictures that our lady found so compelling in (what I have determined was sometime in the mid 1800's) are even more interesting now because they can tell a story that seems so exotic in the 21st century... 
All that was asked of me in return for this most amazing gift was to use it for inspiration and to use it in any way can imagine...
Actually, maybe the surprise was the best part. Or maybe the having reconnected with a friend. A friend who knows  me well enough to know
that this gift would be truly appreciated and used for all manner of cockamamie concoctions! 


  1. Caline,
    I'm SO glad you got the book! The post office told me it was too priceless and irreplaceable to insure and if I tried it would only draw attention to it, so to just ship it express and hope. (Eek!) I've had a nervous few days wondering if it made it, then I saw this blog! Your writing about it is wonderful and I'm SOOOOO GLAD you love it! By inspiring you, it also inspires me! Love ya!