Tuesday, December 9, 2008

This morning there is a little bit of snow which means it's officially okay to have decorated the plant! It seems there is always an abundance of gifts because for me, the joy of gifts is in the wrapping.  If I could spend my life wrapping things up I think I'd be contented!  I can even wrap things up for myself, things I've owned for years, and still be as excited about the potential behind the paper. I love this image. Snow out the window and geraniums in bloom.  I'm not so crazy about the idea of what comes next; Getting ready for work...


  1. OK - I am sending you your package tomorrow so that you can add it under your christmas tree - be sure to unwrap all of them and look at them before the 25th - as you always do - I give you permission to re-wrap them with pretty paper if you wish

  2. what a lovely house, the light, the packages...