Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is the sad sight I saw at the end of a night out (last night). Not being intimate as I am with my pocketbook, you might ask, "why sad"? 
Sad because there is a bright orange wallet with lots of cash, cards, and misc. curios missing.
Someone actually unzipped my pocketbook, took the wallet and zipped it up again while I was dancing. A professional unzipper/zipper-upper. & the thing is that I knew. Even before going out I had a sense that maybe I should just put some cash in my pocket etc. but I overrode my instincts and proved them strong and reliable. As usual. That's the good news! & they didn't take my small supply of emergency duct tape or the fairly new vintage mini tape measure that Jono gave me or the fortune cookie fortunes that line the bottom of the bag. So I suppose things could be much worse!


  1. waah...waaah... bad karma on the thief

  2. Wish you here so I could comfort you with the Matzo Ball soup I just made your Dad!