Friday, December 5, 2008

No more leaves on the trees. Cold chill in the air.
Wintertime has arrived again.
I linger still when I find a pocket of sunshine. Eating apples and heating up the kettle for a cup of tea. Wondering why I haven't found a way to avoid the cold altogether and knowing that one day the way will come...
I'm making little pillows out of an old pair of jeans. Embroidering pictures and loving the colors and loving being in my warm, cozy home...

I got the David Byrne & Brian Eno record today and it's really good!

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    thanks for the comment! I love it when people from my past pop up this way and thankyou for saying such nice things about the babies (10,7 and 2..not babies...) they are just the coolest people...

    I have been lurking over Matt's shoulder when he "facebooks" and explored your page a bit too...I looked at some of your beautiful books that you make. So delicate, organic and heartfelt.
    Anyway, its great to know you are out there being happy. Anytime you're in San Diego you definitely have a place to stay.
    Until then, see you in the blogosphere?!

    ps Did I mention that I absolutely love this embroidered tree?? and the ee cummings blog post too (by the way, my kids and I say a slightly altered version of the ee cummings poem "i thankyou god for this most amazing" at bedtime...the alterations include thanking the universe and blessing everyone we love with "heartsight" and the funniest is that Emmett always adds "and love to circus people".
    I think you guys would get along fabulously.