Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some things I love- hearts, flowers, late spring, the smell of garlic cooking, mint tea, the anticipation of new work from a favorite artist, writer, musician, eating out of my garden, Popeye, magic, colors, textures, a great salad, President Obama, wearing skirts and summer dresses, my sweetie, vintage knick-knacks, babies, dumb jokes, dancing, getting mail (not junk or bills), affection, This American Life & the whole Saturday npr lineup, Beautiful handmade things, bumble bees, surprises, romance, getting a massage, sushi, birthdays (especially my own), painted toenails, home, traveling, sushi & Thai food, punctuality, the sound of a banjo, Old Italian mosaic pins, bakelite & celluloid, the sky, soup, abundance...
Some things I hate- fear, feeling anxious, being too cold
Some things I don't care for- playing sports, anything scoogely/bristly/slimy or tendon-like associated with eating meat, driving, pumping gas, mopping, spiders (especially if I see one in the bedroom), instruction manuals, static, bad sounds, feeling obligated, morning...

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  1. I dig these lists. I think they are brave. I wouldn't/couldn't do one.