Friday, December 26, 2008


Woke up to a calm and quiet morning. Coffee, panetone carried home from an Italian bakery, family and lot's of presents...
The biggest gift for me, for last! The big box with the big mystery which I was sure was a push lawn mower because I couldn't imagine anything else I could possibly want or need that was so big. But that only made the surprise so much sweeter! 
I've wanted a banjo for many years but because I don't know how to play one and because I've somehow convinced myself that I have zero musical proclivity I just pushed the longing deep into the back-est, hidden-est, recesses of my desires and left encounters with banjos to my dreams. In the dream I wear a wife beater and a long skirt. I sit on a tall stool with a microphone and sing and play my banjo and it feels right and it sounds great....
But not for real. Yet!
Along with the banjo came some lessons with a gentle man who I think I'll be able to relax enough to learn from and already I've learned to hold the instrument a little bit more properly and to relax my fingers and keep the digits discreet from the body of the banjo (which I think is good)!
It's such a pretty thing and it sounds so cheerful with just a pluck or a strum that I've decided I can learn to play. I will learn to play & I'm extremely excited!!!
Even if I never make it to the big time with the bright lights and the microphone, one day Jono and I will be able to make music together which is better than all the bright lights and big times in all the world!


  1. BANJO! That rocks! I might have to post a banjo clip in your honor. Merry Christmas!


  2. do realize that in ten years you will have been playing banjo for 10 years...and you will only be 46?

    and by 66 you will have been playing for 30 years!

    I always think its amazing when a adult decides to go outside their comfort zone and be brand new at something, like a child does every
    single day.

    congratulations, I can't wait to hear!


  3. OK you made me cry - I had no idea you wanted a banjo but I am so glad you got it

  4. I hope you post a clip of you playing and singing it once you feel comfortable.

  5. i love your new grandma song!

  6. You know, I've been looking more closely at your banjo after hearing your anniversary song and my goodnees Caline, it IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I see why you find it so irresistible, *I* even want to try it! :) Great job learning so much in a month!