Monday, July 26, 2010



  1. oh my god that's funny! you poor peoples! the look on your face, Caline... totally tells the tale of woe. we are pulling for you guys out here. sending you all good downward spinning energies and thoughts!

  2. hahahahahaha!!!!
    Last night matt and I were out on a date (when we texted you) and we were saying that within 36 hours that baby will be swimming free.
    (as if we really know...and also knowing that the odds are in our favor...I mean she's gotta come out sometime!)
    In my experience, the baby comes when you really truly are convinced its really never happening and you hunker down to do something you would like to do un-interupted. kinda like lighting a cigarette at a bus stop.
    hmmm. what is the birthing equivalent of that?
    love you. can't wait to know your birth story experience and see the face of that human-girl-baby-love-child you have made.

  3. Congratulations, Caline. I read of Natanya's birth this morning on Jono's Facebook page. I am so happy for all of you and hope to see photos soon.

    Hoping you get some rest tonight and keep on posting all these lovely thoughts and poems as your daughter grows.

    Best wishes to you all for a joyous first night together,

    Lydia Mann