Sunday, July 4, 2010

diapers on the clothes line

I call these Natanya flowers because I had an incredible experience involving a labyrinth, a windy day, two little birds, visions of my daughter and a single stem of these flowers (palmer penstemon). A few days later they showed up in my yard. They are a wild flower with an incredible aroma and they have beautiful stems and leaves and flowers. Today when I finished hanging up the diapers I noticed a little bee flying in and out and all around... Beautiful summer, wondrous world. Time for a popsicle!!!
I figured I'd take a picture of the diapers which today fill me up with a sense of joy and romantic imagining because I'm pretty sure I''ll never feel this way about hanging diapers on the clothesline again!


  1. Poop will soon take on a new meaning for youse guys

  2. those diapers are beautiful!!
    natanya's flower too!
    I love watching this whole thing happen for you.
    the poop too (craig)

    hey, I have wondered...where does the name natanya come from? how did you find it or did it find you??


  3. wow that's a pretty flower and story. can't wait to see the pretty baby!

    diapers on that line will always feel good, don't you worry! i remember laying mine on the deck when she was about 3 months old and still feeling romantic about it. btw, the sun does amazing things to those diapers.

  4. such a sweet flower and story. can't wait to see the sweet baby!

    I had many romantic moments with my diapers too (and a few strange ones before - did you ever see "diaper cat" on youtube?) And I only had a deck to lay them out on - an actual clothes line sounds like it's own total fantasy "Romancing the Diaper!" And it definitely sounds like a picture I want to take. Btw - the sun does amazing things to those dipes.

  5. Doh. One day blogger ate my comment and I thought I had to do it again... Oy!
    Anyway, where is she? I can't take it anymore!!!