Monday, July 20, 2009

what is it about (?) the heat

Handsel the pony rider
brought candle light to me
we shuddered outside in the heat
wind blew through the opened doors
and windows
it was summertime. You know how that goes...
Between the magic and the dangers
the sheets catching sunlight on the line
we could kiss like strangers
waiting for nightfall
waiting for the moon to shine...
In the pools of wax; marking tools for time
the seconds leave impressions
the minutes gallup and the hours fly by
bodies of light, a moth's wing
I drew a tattoo on your back while I listened to you sing...
And then Handsel rode by
you could tell by the bells and the caravans
juggling fire like a gun for hire
spinning pinwheels like giant fans...
He left a little flame
for you and I
He read a little note
and watched while I cried
He saw you pick me up and then continued to ride
once upon a time
into summer...


  1. ah caline.
    love this art, and the poem so so much.
    printing it up for the wall.
    thank you again!

  2. beautiful, beautiful. you are talented and have a way to make me feel good, quiet, restful and in one word happy

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  4. This one I want - heart on his sleeve - love it - love it - please frame it for me and price it for me - I want to buy it