Thursday, July 30, 2009

summer hail storm

This was the most incredible hail storm I've ever experienced! It came out of the blue (literally) and came down so heavy, hard and loud it was like being on another planet. Everything got dark and cold and deafening (especially the hail balls hitting the skylights!). After about 15 minutes it stopped as suddenly as it had come and water poured in gushes from the gutters all around the house. Leaves and fruit were shredded off the trees creating a blanket of green on white on dirt... The last picture is the path outside our back door. Our short cut to the main road nearby. It was flooded and rushing like a river...
It was definitely the kind of storm that stops anything and everything else from seeming relevant. Quite dramatic. Quite exciting. Quite odd! I have to admit that alongside the awe, I started to get a little bit freaked out!
And then the sun came out again and the sky was blue and if there weren't all the evidence of destruction, it would have been impossible to believe the storm had actually occurred.


  1. Wow! You weren't kidding!!! well we are having another thunder/lightning storm here - no hail but quite powerful - truly freakish summer...

  2. those were some of my favorite new mexico storms, where the hail is round and big and laughs in the face of the hot, dry, desert summer.

    can't believe i will be there in two days and you are already gone!