Saturday, July 25, 2009

The ghost of her
was always present
taking notes for the future.


  1. You should start collecting your wonderful poems, thoughts, drawings. It will be a wonderful book. Many thanks for your art.

  2. the baby bird!! is this near your house?
    and I hope its ok that I keep printing up your drawings and poems!
    adele is right. this would be such a book. but then you MAKE books.

  3. That little peeper is one of three babies who live right outside our front door. Every year a new family comes and builds a nest and has their babies! There is a long and sweet story attached to this particular group of peeps (which I won't go into now) but the short version is that Jono and I saved their lives and now we feel absurdly bonded to them.
    I have had to stop myself from taking daily pics and posting regular progress reports!

    I was thinking it would be fun to come up with some kind of collaborative project that we could do long distance. Even if it was just a drawing that we sent back and forth or a notebook that we sent back and forth. I'm sure that time is something scarce and dear for you but I'd love to see what could come of it...

  4. OK that's a good one sweetie - especially together with the poem... frame it - price it - sell it!!!!

  5. yes caline lets do it. i will let you begin!!
    we will be gone for 10 days or so and then back...
    I can't wait to see how this unfolds!

  6. by the time you get back i'll be gone (to italy for 1 month (yipppppy!). that will give me lots of time to "begin"!