Friday, January 15, 2010

week 13

Here ya go Annie. We finally started the weekly photo for the flip book but the pics are to racy for the blogspot! And they are not professionally lit so you can see every flippin' flaw!!! That said, if the project works out, you'll receive your very own weekly photo full color, dimpled, rolly-poly, fully flawed, flip book (starting from three months) in about another 6 months. The growing belly of course will be perfection!!!
Cami, I have also seen $$ signs behind my eyeballs with regards to baby paraphernalia (my font changed, not sure why, can't stop it) and now it's back to normal (not sure why, but good) but I'm moving pretty slowly these days creatively so amassing product feels daunting. I do want to try though because it could potentially bring in some much needed dough during the non working months after the peapod is born... As an aside, I just now thought that maybe we could collaborate sometime and I could make books (albums) for your photos. That could be the deluxe package....
Off now to start my day (the outside world part).
PS- thanks all for the lovely, encouraging words!


  1. yeah yeah hurray! this is what I am talking about. I want to watch the exponential growth!!! you look absolutely beautiful! thank you!
    xo annie

  2. Yes! Keep 'em coming!! You do look so beautiful:)

  3. Somethings happening in there!