Friday, January 22, 2010


Tomorrow is our 4 year anniversary and this year we have so much to celebrate! I found an amazing heart shaped rock which is really geode with twinkling crystal inside. Just like love, it can seem ordinary sometimes as the days go by but inside, there is always magic to be found...
I made a little basket for the heart love and I'm going to hang it up for a sweet surprise when Jono gets home from the studio late late late. I hope for us and for you and for the world, a year of magic and joy and also the ability to remember to look inside for hidden twinkling because it's always there...


  1. how lucky you both are to have what you have and know you have it

  2. happy anniversary, guys! isn't every occasion so special during this time? (always, but just a little MORE so with so much in store...) i love that little broken geode heart with the blue rubber band and your words of the twinkling inside:)