Thursday, June 18, 2009


there's a man inside my boy and a boy inside my man
a girl inside the room, she's singing
a cherry tree outside with a cherry on a limb
not afraid to go out on a 
ride against the wind

i've seen a child in my dreams and dreamed a thousand other things
they mingle with the seedlings in the garden
a fallen peach, a silky plum, a rose unfold then come undone
i've watched the center of a poppy harden

i've licked the skin and sipped the tea
called from the boy the man in me
i've played the music while she danced
and touched the limb and grabbed the chance

there's a picture in my house and a home inside my head
a banjo and a guitar in the corner
a feather in a jar that flew in from afar
it landed in the snow that fell last winter

but i brought you here to show you, not to tell you
i brought you here to show you not to tell you
can you see the wings of the bird who must have flown
can you see the bowls in the cupboards in my home
are the orange of the peach and the purple of the plum
like the boy and the girl and the man in the song

we have it all inside us
a great, long, rhyming tune
we are a verdant garden and the rose when it's in bloom
we are the fallen petals
that rise to touch the wind
we are the dreams we have of children
and a thousand other things

there's a lady in my breast that beats inside my chest
a man who stands and watches as she changes
two trees in the back yard with a hammock in between
to rock us as the world around us rages...


  1. That's really lovely. I do believe it would go quite well with music.

  2. How beautful you are .... inside and out - as i always said
    How do you know how to write these things? they feel true and right and pretty and joyous and serene - and they make one feel good -
    Lovely - ovely daughter mine

  3. I will write this down and hang it somewhere i can see it because it is true.
    submit this to the sun, please?