Monday, June 8, 2009

A few from new very small book series

Here are a few new very small books which is my new project...  If you'd like to be included, please send a very small bio. What's your story in 8-24 words? Also, I'm working on a very small book of Zen come-ons so if you have any, please send them along...
Also, very short dreams and any very small big ideas.....


  1. these are amazing and exceptional.
    I keep checking in on them.


  2. I want me some little books, I collect Annie's little pots and I have a curio case to put them in.

    My zen pick up line, "Come up and chi me some time"


  3. These books are so great!!!
    I thought of doing Phoenix's (Bean's) bio instead of my own, but if I think of one for me I'll write again. These little books are too fun!

    A Bean sprouted, strong and beautiful. Mama & Papa let her bloom, the most breathtaking flower in the garden. Full of life and possibilities.