Thursday, May 14, 2009

After this I'll stop. at least I'll try to stop!

Speaking of Frida, her diary is very inspiring. Especially if you, like me, fill journals with drawings, doodles, big ideas and small ideas...
Here again are the flowers. The flowers for the grandmas(especially those sassy ones with fabulous glasses and legendary wigs...) and the families and the babies. The flowers for the lovers and for those seeking love. The flowers for the artists and musicians and the dancers and the mammas and the papas and the movers and the stayers... The flowers that absolutely won't stop blooming every spring and absolutely won't keep blooming when they're finished.


  1. And why should you stop? Your house is beautiful, inside and outside. It seems that it resemble you. And I love looking at both

  2. beautiful post for me and all of us.
    god I want to live there!
    amazingly peaceful and natural and simple and flourishy all at once.
    yes, very you!