Monday, September 13, 2010

my muse!

this is what i do during the snippets of Natanay's nap times. i don't brush my teeth or wash my face or return the emails/phone calls... that i most desperately need to tend to. i rush to cut up bits of faberic or paste together pieces of paper so i can have her wake to the magic that she inspires!
and when i'm not doing that, i'm laying or sitting beside her, watching in awe at how she moves and grows and smiles and frowns even as she sleeps...

there is plenty of other stuff going on around here too. jono and our friend tom have completely cleaned up the yard (including trimming trees and other major things). we've had birthdays and visitors and ups and downs of all sorts, but my mind and my heart and my attention are glued t my muse!!!


  1. look at her changing face!! it really is like watching a flower bloom and open up a bit every minute.
    lucky lucky you and you and you.

  2. Congratulations, Caline and family! I met you at the gallery in January - we were both pregnant at the time, and my traveling companions took a picture of us together. So happy to see you are enjoying motherhood as much as I am. Natanya is so beautiful. And I second your post - it's amazing how time sort of stops when you're amazed by this new little person. Wishing you well...

  3. Finley says "oh look at that cute baby flower!"
    Muse indeed. An inspiration machine. You sound so happy and "in it"::))) hugs to you all...