Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a slice of polenta in Torino

The story goes something like this...

An architect made a bet that he could construct a three story building on an oddly shaped (triangular) and tiny piece of property. So- from the front it looks like a very small row house. From the side it looks like an average, typical building. BUT! From behind you see that the top floor is only a facade!

It is now an attraction for those in the know in Torino.

I think it's called something like; A Slice of Polenta.


  1. I printed it and showed it to the people at work - they loved it...

  2. this is so cool.
    it reminds me of the triangular building in the village...can't remember exactly what street anymore (sad).
    does someone live in it?
    wish I had been to all these places.
    one day!