Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 1

Slipping in a couple of moments here at Jux Tap, a friend's club where there is internet sevice...
We both lucked out on the flight over and wound up with three seats in a row all to ourselves.
Arrived in Milan fairly groggy and took the train to the center where we picked up our car from Kia. Then off to a friends house where we were given a delicious lunch  and a 6 day old baby boy to hold. HEAVENLY!
We then drove to Sarzana, one of my favorite little towns and are staying with friends who took us out for a very lavish and wonderful dinner. Wait until I can post some photo's. It's so lovely here...
& Now off to our friend Mamo's for an afternoon on a boat in the sea!
Here is a whole new life
brewing in my soul... 


  1. Hope you don't get fat as a house with all this good food - can't wait for the pics - nice to follow your travels - it must be sooooo much fun - enjoy this blessing

  2. Sounds like a dream! Have fun "wading out" into the flowers of Italy!!

  3. go ahead...get fat as a, pray, love-stylie!

    lookingforward to the pics

  4. just discovered yer blog...good on ya!...shall join up before I leave...
    check mine out
    I miss you guys!
    georgie b