Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little things

I had to take a hiatus from the blogspot because I ran out of things to write about. I still don't have anything to write about but I kind of miss the way it feels to feel like I've communicated with some of the people who I only interact with via blog...
But with nothing specific or inspired, it also feels a little weird to just blab on stream of consciousness this way...
But little things have happened. A late flight, a haircut, a major house cleaning, a successful visit to the dentist (no cavities), Italian house guests, some good mail (thanks Lindsey!), a honey home, daffodils...
On and on.... The endless little things we do, that happen, that don't happen...
It makes me think of my collections of little things. A wishbone, a silver bullet, pottery shards and arrowheads, seashells, boxes, stones, lots and lots of very cool odds and ends.... My button collection, scraps of paper and ribbon and string...
All of these things which I could turn into a million poems  are the little things, just like the minutes and hours and days that have passed since I last wrote on m y blogspot.
So here the nothing to say has come around the bend again and into nothing. Little thoughts and silence...
All this to stop for a minute and take a break from the little things to say I think of you....


  1. I think this is my very favorite blog post. I love "little things" and your writing is poetry!

    ....and that feeling is called "oblogation"....;)

    I completely appreciate and look forward to your creative presence in the blogosphere.
    Happy Spring!

  2. You wrote me and said "Everyone wants a Lindsey" which means more to me than you can imagine (and makes me smile EVERY time I think of it), but while you were "gone" I think we all felt that we ALL not only want but NEED a Caline!!!! And I agree, this is a blog favorite. Something totally magic and connecting about looking at your "little things" collection. I think you are one of the few souls on this earth I would be eager to show my own little thing collection to (and be sure you are actually interested!!!!). :) I've always said (In response to almost everything) "It's the little things." Almost as much as "Every day is a treasure hunt." :)
    Love ya lots!
    P.S. "Shooting Crap" is the best thing ever! Thank you so much! You know Dave is a Craps player too, right? I'm SO framing that!!!

  3. BTW- those locks are phenomenal!!! And is that a PIG SNOUT?!?!?!

  4. NO! It's not a petrified pig's snout you funny nut !!!!!
    But I'm cracking up just thinking about that possibility...
    It's a walnut shell.
    Just a simple old walnut shell/pig snout/heart shaped thing.
    And yes. I want one day to see your little things! You know how I feel about little things. They make me swoon, maybe even marry!!!!!!!!